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New Darren Sproles Commercial Shows That Small Packs A Punch
Accomplishments   Monday, November 30, 2015   0 Comments
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Tide deserves a salute for their ad campaign featuring the incredibly talented 5’ 6” Darren Lee Sproles that reminds us to never underestimate small. Tide detergent worked with Saatchi & Saatchi to create the #smallbutpowerful advertisement for Tide PODS featuring probably the two smallest guys in the NFL; Darrel Sproles and Cole Beasley. The advert is a win not only for short guys but for all underdogs. 


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There is a reason why the advertising team chose to go with Darren Sproles, he is the all time leading rusher for Kansas State. His stats speak for themselves; in 2011, he achieved 2,696 all purpose yards, the most all purpose yards in one season in the NFL. In addition, he received the Thomas A. Simone Award, and has consistently been listed in the top 100 players. At 5’ 6”, Darren Lee Sproles was the first NFL player ever to achieve over two thousand two hundred all purpose yards in four seasons. He has had a stutter since childhood but he has not let that slow him down, both on and off the field, he will take down anyone that stands in his way. Sproles has admitted that despite, his great stats, sometimes coaches and scouts would look at one number only, the one he couldn’t control, his height. However, the ever charismatic Sproles actually considers his height an advantage, the linebackers and linemen have a hard time seeing him over the offensive line.


Short Athletes: Darren Sproles High School Highlights | ShortGuyCentral

Darren Sproles Set Many Records Before Entering The NFL | Source: Associated Press


The advert begins with the admission that some people would consider Sproles too short for the NFL. Walking into the field, he reaches up and literally brings down the wall (at least a huge chuck of it) above the exit and his much taller teammate looks on in awe. He then proceeds to lead his team mates to making a ground breaking (again literally) touch down. Sproles does not play second fiddle to an athlete with a bigger frame but is the leader of the team.


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The advert has no sarcasm, no ridicule and most importantly, no condescending, pity filled apologies. What is seen is genuine respect and admiration for a truly talented, hard working inspirational individual. The idea they are communicating is simple, just like Sproles, Tide PODS are powerful and effective. They will get your clothes clean despite their small size. 


Darren Sproles Is Considered One Of The Top 100 NFL Players For 2015 | Source: YouTube


This should be an example to the companies that are on the rampage creating body shaming advertisements targeted particularly at short men. In the month of September, the small but powerful Tide PODS commercial took the advertising world by storm garnering over 40 million views in the first month making it the eighth most viewed advert in iMedia Connection rankings! In addition, the small but powerful ad campaign supported the brand’s digital engagement to increase by eighty six percent, earning Tide a leader-board spot. Hopefully, other companies will borrow a leaf and consider working with some of the (very many) talented diminutive athletes.

So let us all raise a glass to Tide and Darren Sproles for reminding us all that what counts is the oomph in every ounce (or inch) and that often, small is very very powerful.


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