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Are You Too Short To Date? Single Steve Says "Yes!".
Dating   Friday, November 27, 2015   0 Comments
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Single Steve is a fun, cool 5’7” (and a half) guy who knows three things; math, online dating and the realities of short men in the dating world. So he decided to combine it all and put heightism to the test with a statistical presentation of women’s height preferences from 


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The survey answers an important question we all want to ask heightist women, are their height preferences relative or standard? For example would a woman who is 5’ 2” date a man who is 5’ 6” (the logic being, relative to her height, 5’ 6” is tall)? Or is her preference a man who is 5’ 11” regardless of her own height. From the onset, Steve is very clear, the objective is not to question women’s preferences. At the end of the day, you are attracted to what you are attracted to for whatever reasons and we respect that. However, there seems to be hypocrisy when women talk of 'they care more about character’ but their online preferences prove that appearances matters more than character.

The data was collected from with 630 profiles of women ranging between 26 and 32 years and between 5’ 1” and 5’ 9”. For each height and age, he took a sample of 10 women, so there were 10 26 year old women measuring 5’ 1”, 10 27 year old women measuring 5’ 1” etc. To avoid bias, the selection of women was random; based on last log in. 

So let’s compare what women say versus what the numbers say.


Height And Dating: Male Height Determines His Dating Pool | ShortGuyCentral

In Online Dating, A Man's Height Determines His Dating Pool | Source: Single Steve


First the data was consistent for all the age groups surveyed. When it comes to heightism, age does not matter.

So here are the numbers; 0% women would prefer to date a man shorter than 5’ 1”, from there, the dating pool increases with increases in height, at 6’ 0” the dating pool is 98%. Only a third of women are open to dating men 5’ 7” tall. An interesting perspective is that as the height of women increases, the preferred height difference reduces. Basically, shorter women want men who are a lot taller than them in comparison to taller women. There are 2% of women for whom 6 feet tall, still isn’t tall enough!


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Steve is quick to remind all heightist women of the ultimate truth, they will have to accept at some point that the chances of meeting and dating the ideal man are rather slim. (What are the chances of meeting an athletic, toned, chiseled jaw man with a six figure salary on an online dating site?). Obviously they will most probably end up with a man who does meet all these standards, but since they hold all of the cards, these women shouldn't ever be disappointed if these men play with the deck. Why settle if you have the pick of the litter? Those who refuse to let go of their height requirements of course, risk being perpetually single. We've all heard the proverbial, "Where have all the good men gone?" from the 30 and 40 something female stock. 


Height And Dating: What Is The Minimum Acceptable Dating Height? | ShortGuyCentral

So What Is The Minimum Acceptable Height To Date? | Source: Single Steve


As mentioned, Steve is a pretty fun and cool guy without any made up 'complexes’, he is able to give the whole presentation in good humor with a good amount of laughter from the audience. However, to be completely honest, if the focus was on statistics weight related issues, there would probably be less laughter. 

He highlights the obvious we have all experienced and backs it with data because numbers don’t lie. Statistically speaking, it is hard for a short man to land a date online despite what women say. Follow Single Steve on Twitter @SingleSteve and check out his page on Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the video included in this piece and his original article if you haven't already. The video an awesome presentation that holds no punches. 


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