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Inside The Mind Of A Short Woman
Dating   Sunday, November 15, 2015   0 Comments
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They're out there. You've heard of them. They exist in large numbers. They make women of all heights, short and tall look not so great. They are heightists, but short themselves. We mean "insecure short heightist women". They are the ones who put their preferences in bold and caps on their dating profiles with statements such as, "If you're under 5'10, don't even bother!", even if they're well under five feet. Yep, even a 5'8 guy wouldn't stand a chance, though he'd probably be taller than her in her highest stilettos. Well, YouTuber StephanieChats created a video voicing this very opinion, so she makes for a very interesting case study. There is no shortage of shorter guys who have anecdotes of the shorter women they've encountered being far more vocal and cruel about their height preferences than their average and tall counterparts, often shaming them for the very same deficit they themselves possess. It should be important to note that obviously, not all short women are like this of course. Stating otherwise would be as unfair as the generalizations about short guys that StephanieChats makes in her video.

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StephanieChats gives us a good opportunity to see how the mind of this type of person, the "insecure short heightist woman" works. She squirmed as she revealed her taste as if she was grappling with not being politically correct (i.e. the fact that she could be so shallow). That said, she did it, and actually revealed more than just her opinion. She revealed the true core of her intent with regards to how and why she selects her partners - Social Proof. In other words, what people think of her partner matters far more than what she actually thinks of them. It means that she should could actually (gasp!) be attracted to the guy in every way but turn him down because of what her friends and the public thinks (people she's never met). 

She says in her video that "we short people have this insecurity tendency". Which short people is she talking about? Herself perhaps? Maybe her close friends? A nun at her church? She's projecting here at best, literally admitting that she is very insecure about her own height, but blame shifts by inventing this pseudo-fact that all short individuals have an insecurity. Where did she find this stat by the way?


"Short Men Need Love Too, But Not From Me" Says This Short Woman | Source: YouTube

She then goes on to say that when she is actually dating around, she likes to have the ability to show her dates off. This is paramount. She wants to get compliments on how tall her boyfriend is when they're out and about. Maybe literally stopping her mid-bite while she's out at a restaurant to hear about how tall her boyfriend is from strangers and the odd co-worker we tend to bump into when out on a date. Shorter men won't do because their height would be nothing to brag about according to her. Forget about their accomplishments, physique or facial attractiveness. It's all about status and social proof. Tall men have it, and short men don't. Hear that Tom Cruise? 

As if that wasn't enough, even the present isn't important, the distant future is. Never mind that out of the many men she dates, only one (or two or three) will have the privilege of having her hand in marriage. Ditto with having children. According to Stephanie, dating a short guy is not a good thing to do because if you do, you will end up with short children. Damn. Hope her babies aren't born with some other condition, she may very well love them less. Talk about great parenting skills! Last we checked, there are plenty of short parents with taller kids and just as many short women-tall men couples with shorter kids. Actor Will Smith for example is 6'2. His son Jaden Smith is 5'7, thanks to Jada Pinkett's strong five foot genes. Being short is completely normal. Some people are short, some average, some tall. Ideally, we'd all hope for healthy babies and nothing less. 


Short Heightist Women Who Are Vocal About Their Preferences Aren't Hard To Find | Source: YouTube

It doesn't stop with our friend Stephanie here. Remember what we said about shorter guys and their anti-short men female anecdotes. Here's another example of a woman going on a short guy rant, and this woman is 37! Don't think that "things will get better as you get older". Or that "they'll come around" with women like these. This YouTuber, who goes by MsSexInTheValley makes it crystal clear how much she despises shorter men, even those taller than her. "You don't even know me!" she says. She hates it when short men approach her because of her height. I wonder if she'd feel the same way if a tall man selected her because of her height. Remember guys - Social Proof and Status.

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There's another thing. People have a habit of justifying their preferences to either make them appear natural or noble. Heightists are no exception. Evolutionary Psychology is frequently referenced along with other forms of pseudo-science. There are plenty of "scientific" studies which prize certain races over others, often isolating traits such as IQ, Attractiveness and Longevity. We don't hear people reference those when justifying their dating preferences do we? Those who do will face intense scrutiny, social suicide and even experience the threat of job loss. 


Height And Dating: Heightism Is Rife On Social Media | ShortGuyCentral

Plenty Of Short Women Are Vocal On Social Media About Their Tastes | Source: Twitter

On that note, there are real scientific studies out about short women. One such study published in August stated that short women have shorter pregnancies and give birth to premature babies with health risks. Maybe Tom Cruise knew this and that's why he went after Katie Holmes. Would these same heightist short women like it if men considered them undesirable due to "scientific reasons"? 


Height And Dating: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes | ShortGuyCentral

Perhaps Tom Cruise Only Marries Taller Women Because Of "Science"? | Source: GFY

Being a height bigot has its price. In this case, caring more about height and status than about personality is a great recipe for a failed relationship. A woman like this will attract men for sure, but the outcome might not always be what she expected. This is not to throw shade at tall men. Who wouldn't want to be coveted by most women according to most major studies? Just don't be upset when Mr. Tall takes advantage of all of his options. Short men beware of the insecure heightist woman! There are other fish in the sea, and the ocean is huge! Fortunately, not all women are like this and there are enough short men the world over who have had successful, fulfilling relationships with women who are attracted to them and love them like no other. You wouldn't want a racist or someone who is a homophobe on your team, so apply the same ideology to heightists. You're better off leaving home without them.


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