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World Series 2015 And Former Mets Player Daniel Herrera
Sports   Tuesday, October 27, 2015   0 Comments
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It’s finally here! The deciding championship playoffs are finally here! The New York Mets are going up against the Kansas City Royals. The previous rounds of competition weren’t as difficult as both teams were able to easily blow their opponents out of the water without having to go to game 5. This however is the game to watch - the best of American League going against the National League Champions. 


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Over the post-season games, there have been a couple of players of note who have stood out in the games, and we will want to see how they will perform on the biggest stage. The main stars to watch will be Edinson Volquez for the Royals and Matt Harvey for the Mets on Oct 27, 2015. These two players are very talented, and they will be the ones to watch in game one in Kansas. 

As we think about these two players and all the other, who would be fielded in the matches we are left wondering how well would the Mets have played if they still had Daniel Herrera? We all know him as one of the shortest players in the league right now standing at a height of 5’ 6. He is short, but he is not known for his height but his famous screwball to which batters have been very afraid of. The Mets released him in 2013 to the Buffalo Bisons. Here is a little more about our star player. 

Daniel Ray "Danny" Herrera was born on October 21, 1984. He comes from Odessa, Texas, and he currently plays as a professional baseball pitcher for the Camden Riversharks. The Riversharks are a team of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.


Daniel Herrera playing for the Cinncinnati Reds | Source: Wikipedia Commons


Danny has played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for various teams. He was fielded by the Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, and New York Mets as a pitcher. He is one of the few players who is known to throw a true screwball. 

When he was in Odessa, Texas, he attended Permian High School where he was the main pitcher. Unfortunately, he didn’t get drafted out of high school; he went to play for the University of New Mexico. He was the 45yh round by the Texas Rangers for the 2006 Major League Baseball Draft. When he was in college, it was when he developed his screwball this was mainly due to him getting tired of being changed all the time.

He was asked to sign for $1000, but he managed successfully to renegotiate his deal to $20,000 to which he agrees that he didn’t expect to get that much. 


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The next year the Rangers traded him along with Edinson Volquez so as to get Josh Hamilton from the Cincinnati Reds. He had been in Cincinnati for a whole year before he made his debut on June 3, 2008. In his debut game, he was able to pitch a scoreless inning. The highlights of the game were that he induced Shane Victorino to ground out, and he struck out both Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell. In the same game, he let Chase Utley to walk. Two days later he was optioned back to AAA Louisville. This was because he had to make room for pitcher Homer Bailey

He was later called back on June 10, 2008, but like the previous time he was sent down. This time, he stayed for four days before he had to make way for pitcher Gary Majewski. This time, he only made one appearance on his second stint. He gave up three runs on four hits, pitched two innings and struck out two batters. 

The next year Herrera had more luck with the Reds, and he was able to play a full game and record a victory on June 16, 2009, when he relieved Aaron Harang. This was due to an extended rain delay. In that game, he was able to pitch three scoreless innings. He stayed in the team for two more years before he moved to Milwaukee Brewers. He only made two appearances for the Brewers.

He finally ended up playing for the New York Mets On September 1, 2011. This was when the league took notice of 65mph screwball that gave lefties hell and only a few righties could handle. In addition to his arsenal he had three fastballs that would go as fast as 88mph, two-seamers that were between 82 and 85 mph; a cutter; curveball and a screwball 67-70mph. 

Personally I would have loved to watch him play tonight.


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