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 Short Guy Central Fashion
Formal Fall Outwear Ideas For Short Men (2015)
Outerwear   Thursday, October 22, 2015   0 Comments
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Harold Everton

Harold Everton, MBA MS ED is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who runs several websites. He is also an educator, professional recording artist and commercial actor. Follow him on Twitter.

Fall has to be my favorite season hands down. The air gets crisp, the colors of the leaves change, the world series is just on the horizon and preparation for the year's best holidays gets underway. One of my favorite aspects of the fall however is Fashion! We scurry to put our shorts and ankle socks away in exchange for sleek outerwear, trendy jeans, boots, shoes and sweaters, all of which scream, "A-Game".  


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When temperatures start going south, a portion of my mind turns toward finding the trendiest items which put me on the cutting edge of fashion but within financial reason. I aim to look my best. Professional, yet fashionably casual. Enough to get the occasional passerby to enthusiastically inquire, "Where did you get that/those _____?". Not intentionally so, but it does happen, and when it does it makes me feel like I have fashion sense.


Outfit 1: The Working Man

Fashion For Short Men - Fall Ideas. Outfit And Outwear

Coat | Bag | Watch | Shoes | Belt 


When the weather is hovering between cool enough to have to wear an undershirt, but warm enough to go without a thick coat, a trench coat is a great choice. At the beginning of September I walked into the H&M in Times Square on a movie date with my girlfriend and stumbled across a great looking trench that happened to be on sale for $149. This double breasted, wool-blend twill has long sleeves, side pockets and a removable belt at the waist. I was looking for a coat in this style for a long time and no other store had it quite right. This one fit the bill so I picked it up instantly. No buyer's remorse here. It also has inside pockets on both sides.


Coat | Bag | Watch | Shoes | Belt 


Rounding out the outfit are a pair of Kenneth Cole "Triple Threat" dress shoes which I purchased using eBay's Buy-It-Now option. I needed a pair of brown shoes in a hurry because the ones I used to wear to work previously ended up in bad shape. Believe it or not, the shoes were just $44! They come in both black and brown. The wrist wear is a Fossil Nate Chronograph model 1390. It was a gift, but can be found for as low as $79 online (It retails for $149). The maple brown wristband and large cream face with white clock hands adds a nice accent to any outfit which features brown shoes.


Coat | Bag | Watch | Shoes | Belt 


The bag, also by Kenneth Cole is the "I Rest My Case" model and can be found for as low as $89 on Amazon. The shirt is a collared dress shirt which I picked up from H&M during the wintertime . It's sky blue with white pinstripes and has a dark blue collar with white confetti dots. I don't think you'll find the exact shirt in H&M now since they completely revamp their dress shirt line up every season. The slacks are the "Producer" brand from Express For Men. These slacks are comfortable, look new with each wear. They'll continue to look immaculate as long as you dry clean them. Finally, the belt which can be seen in the accessory pic below is a reversible Kenneth Cole Reaction belt which I picked up on eBay for $29. I got a lot of compliments for this outfit.  The coat is a conversation piece wherever I go. I can't take all of the credit. If my lady didn't spot this on our date night, I most likely would have still been searching for the perfect trench.


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Outfit 2: Mr. Dress Casual

Coat | Laptop Sleeve | Watch | Shoes | Belt 


Trench Coats look great if you buy the right one, but eventually the when the red in the thermometer dips, you're going to need to think function over fashion. Fortunately, peacoats are a great option in colder weather and look great with just about any pair of slacks, jeans or corduroy pants. Just be sure that your peacoat has the right amount of padding otherwise you'll be shivering on your typical late November or December day anywhere north of the 40th parallel. 


Coat | Laptop Sleeve | Watch | Shoes | Belt


The Peacoat you see in the above pic was purchased from Uniqlo during December of last year. It's navy blue, has an inside pocket on the right and is made of a wool blend. It's not a full coat, but does keep me nice and toasty. As long as you have a scarf on, like the one from H&M you see in the pic, you should be good to go. Add a sweater if the temperature drops below 35 degrees. The black slacks you see are also the "Producer" brand from Express. As a plus, these "Producer" and "Photographer" pants come in all the usual business colors - black, blue, brown, light khaki, dark khaki, light gray and dark gray. This year they released a red variant and dark turquoise giving you more choices. 


Coat | Laptop Sleeve | Watch | Shoes | Belt


The shoes are from Kenneth Cole, the "Got To Give" model. These little ditties caught my attention because of the white stitched stripe above the soles. They literally look good with just about any outfit. I highly recommend getting them on eBay or Amazon where you can find them for as low as $50. The navy blue shirt is from H&M and retails for $39.99. The shirt is solid colored, but has some small white polka dots on the inside of the color. The accessories are the H&M scarf mentioned, a Fossil FS4358 Gunmetal Tone Stainless Steel watch and a Kenneth Cole reversible belt. The item I'm holding is a cool little waterproof sleeve I picked up to protect my shiny new Macbook Pro.


Coat | Laptop Sleeve | Watch | Shoes | Belt


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If you couldn't pick up my level of excitement from this article, Fall is my favorite season by far. It is the season for giving, and certainly the season for style. Get out there , put on those layers and show the world what you're made of by showing off your look! Stay tuned as this will be part of a series. Seasons greetings!


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