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Being Short Makes You Depressed?
Heightism   Wednesday, October 21, 2015   0 Comments
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Being attacked by the mainstream media for no good reason is something that every short guy is used to. "Science" is sometimes used to justify their bigotry, and this article by Justin Caffie is a good example of that.


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Justin Caffie cites research on military men (“Size Matters: Stature is Related to Diagnoses of Depression in Young Military Men” by Valery Krupnik, Mariya V. Cherkasova) to back up the claim that he made in the title of his article. According to him, this research shows that there's "an increased risk of depression for the guys who stood 5'8" and below". That's true; what he forgets to point out is that the research also shows that taller people also have an increased risk of depression, according to this research. From the abstract of the study:

"Men both shorter and taller than average by 1 standard deviation may be predisposed to higher rates of depressive disorders."

The study states very clearly that both short AND tall guys have an increased risk of depression. Mr. Caffie either didn't read the study, or is dishonest and hopes that nobody will take the time to actually read it. The research that he cited actually shows that being tall is as bad as being short when it comes to suffering from depression.


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The title of the article is "Science Says Being Short Makes You Depressed". This is not true. "Science" does not say that being short makes you depressed. The research that he cited does not say that, and just looking up a few facts proves that being short does not make you depressed.

Half of the population is short, which means that if it were true that being short makes you depressed, at least 50% of the population would be depressed. Only 7% of people aged 18 or older suffered one or more depressive episodes the past year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. 

Then he goes on to use evolutionary psychology to explain why being short makes you depressed. He didn't even read the research he cited, so using pseudo-science seems fitting.


Being Short Makes You Depressed? 

How Come We Don't Blame All Forms Of Discrimination On Evolution? | Source:


Evolutionary Psychology 

Correlation does not imply causation. The fact that short guys seem to suffer from depression more that tall guys (according to Justin Caffie's erroneous interpretation of the research) does not mean that being short causes depression. Evolutionary psychology is once again used to try to establish causal relationships. 

The author says that we associate height with survivability and virility because it was an important factor in defeating predators a few thousands of years ago. This is as close to being science as astrology is.


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"Gay men have never suffered true discrimination, it's all due to evolutionary psychology. Gay men were not as useful for the survival of the group thousands of years ago. It has been ingrained in our psyche by evolution, so there's nothing we can do about it. It's biology." Nobody would accept this. Today, most people stand against homophobia and demand that you treat gay people with respect. You can't use evolutionary psychology to get away with bigotry. When it comes to short guys however, you can.

Suggesting that heightism is the result of evolution is as ridiculous as suggesting that homophobia, sexism or racism are the result of evolution.


Being Short Makes You Depressed? | ShortGuyCentral

Racism, Sexism and Homophobia are not because of "evolution", but heightism is acceptable because it "is"?


"Science Says Being Black Makes You Depressed". How does that sound? It's hard to write that and not get fired for being a bigot. Heightism is present everywhere in this article though, not just in the title. 

Justin Caffie refers to short guys as "our diminutive male friends", and jokes about how "it blows to be a short guy".

I wonder how long he would have been able to keep his job if he had referred to black people as "our dark friends" and how "it blows to be black".

You're out of luck if you're a short guy looking for respect in this society. They'll call you names, say how much it sucks to be you and how you must be depressed by default.

This article is just one of the typical attacks that short guys have to deal with. A bunch of insults and pseudo-science to justify heightism and make people feel good about bullying short guys on social media and in everyday life because it implies that heightism is not something that shouldn't exist. Heightism is perfectly natural, the result of evolution, so don't feel bad about treating short guys poorly.


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