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Joe Jonas Finds New Life As A DJ
Entertainment   Tuesday, May 05, 2015   0 Comments
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While the Jonas brothers are a memory and the individuals who made up the group have went on to other things, the only Jonas brother who has been out of the spotlight for some time has found the light. Unlike Nick who went into acting and Kevin who has his own reality show, Joe has decided to go into the underground world of DJing. Relatively new to the DJing game, the luster that he embodied during his Disney star and Band days has been a no show at his string of gigs for the holidays. He recently did Pandora holiday party for the Musicians On Call charity in Washington D.C. According to this Washington Post Blog article, he could be seen concentrating on his laptop with his headphones on grooving with the beat. Joe is the shortest of the three brothers at 5'7.

Humble Beginnings

The Jonas Brothers formed back in 2005 and found their popularity from Disney Channel appearances. They received a Grammy award for Best New artist in 2008 and Breakthrough Artist at the American Music Awards during the same year. Together they have sold over 17 Million albums worldwide as of 2014. The group disbanded in 2013. 

Sources Washington Post Blog (Article),  Instragram (Photo)


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