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Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys
Dating   Friday, June 10, 2016   0 Comments
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Harold Everton

Harold Everton, MBA MS ED is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who runs several websites. He is also an educator, professional recording artist and commercial actor. Follow him on Twitter.

By the time the average short guy is 25, he is hyperaware of the impact his height can have on his dating and professional prospects. As easy as it would be to blame things that are beyond our control and play a "don in distress", society doesn't like whiny men. Lack of success in the date-o-sphere is experienced by men of all heights the world over. Even if you were 6'2, there would still be a million reasons why you'd fail at getting a date. Yes, height is a deal breaker for many women, and women can be downright vitriolic when it comes to expressing their distaste for men who don't fit their ideal, but there are tons of women who are open to dating shorter men, date short men regularly and even prefer them. It's up to you to find them and invest in calibrating your approach. 


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In this article I will feature Facebook chats with several women who date or have dated shorter men who volunteered to share their experiences and perspectives on society's height obsession. No, the women in question aren't celebrity ex-wives, just ordinary Janes who fell for regular short Joes who stood out amongst their competitors. While this is no comprehensive study with thousands of participants, it should be enough to demonstrate that not everyone cares about adhering to  gender norms; even those who you'd imagine might have their pick of the litter.

To each of the women, I asked the following questions. 


Four Questions To Women Who Date Short Guy | ShortGuyCentral

Questions I Asked To Women About Dating Short Men | Source: ShortGuyCentral


These are their responses. I asked everyone to be as honest and forthright as possible, even if meant hurting feelings, so be prepared for some vulgarity! Without further adieu:


1. Joanna

Joanna is 28 years old, stands at 5'1 and just finished her degree in Radiology from a university in Florida. She admitted to usually falling for guys with a linebacker physique with a towering presence to match; that is until she met her current beaux.

Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Men: Joanna | ShortGuyCentral

Conversation With Joanna About Her Short Boyfriend | Source: ShortGuyCentral


I won't divulge into our conversations around point #4. Lol. We'll leave that to your imagination. I took it a little further by asking if she provide a pic, preferably one of her and her current guy standing up. She claims to love her 5' guy more than any other man she's met and that she's happier than she's ever been. Here they are:

Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys: Jo And Her Guy | ShortGuyCentral

Pic Of Joanna With The 5' Love Of Her Life | Source: ShortGuyCentral


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2. Yari

Yari worked in a Fitness Club as a Personal Trainer for a few years and now works in Retail Management. She clocks in a 36 years old and has three kids. She has been with her current love for more than a year and recently announced that they're expecting. Her boyfriend Jon stands at 5'3. Yari is an inch taller. Here were her responses:

Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys: Yari | ShortGuyCentral Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys: Yari | ShortGuyCentral

Conversation With Yari About Her Short Boyfriend | Source: ShortGuyCentral


And of course, the obligatory pic. I asked Yari if she had any recent pics of her and her boyfriend and she was kind enough to supply us with this one. 

Confessions Of Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys: Yari And Her Man | ShortGuyCentral

Picture Of Yari With Her Boyfriend | Source: ShortGuyCentral

Interestingly enough, both Yari and Jon want a boy, not a girl. As you can see, Yari meant what she said when she didn't care about height or weight. Many couples are frightened at the possibility of having a son grow up to be short. That's not the case here.



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3. Alicea

Alicea is a self professed thick girl who is proud of her body and has a strong personality to match. While admitting she has a weak spot for tall skinny men, she has crushed on shorter guys in the past. Here is what she had to say:

Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys: Alicea | ShortGuyCentral

Conversation With Alicea About Her Short Crushes | Source: ShortGuyCentral

She was nice enough to drop a pic of her and one of her former crushes who happens to be close to her height, 5'5.

Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys: Alicea and Crush | ShortGuyCentral

Picture Of Alicea With Her 5'5 Former Crush | Source: ShortGuyCentral 


4. Omaira

Omaira's line of work puts her in the direct path of some of what might be considered the most handsome and alpha-esque of men. She's a bartender in the New York City metro area which means she's heard all of the pickup lines, seen insane amounts of cash in the form of tips and receives fairy tale-like propositions almost several times each day. Though her green eyes, toned figure and bubbly personality allows her the pick of the litter, height is something she is rarely concerned with. Here is what she said:


Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys: Omaira | ShortGuyCentral

Omaira's Conversation About Her Short Boyfriend | Source: ShortGuyCentral


She couldn't wait to give us a pic of her and her beaux who is just a few inches taller. Omaira stands at 5'2. In heels, she gets to stand taller than her guy and loves every second of it.


Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys: Omaira & Willys | ShortGuyCentral

Omaira And Her 5'5 Boyfriend Of 6 Years


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5. Angie

I met Angie in 2010 while doing music related work. She's impossible to miss. With a smile that can light up 10 rooms, green eyes, an infectious laugh and taller stature (5'8), she is frequently asked if she models. When she was in her early 20s, height was a major point on her checklist. As she made her way towards 30, she laughed at what she called her "shallowness" pointing out how her unwillingness to date shorter men was due to social pressures rather than lack of attraction. She said the following about how height factors into her dating choices


Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Guys: Angie | ShortGuyCentral

Angie Has No Problem Dating Short Guys As Long As They're Self-Assured | ShortGuyCentral


Her ex would not allow us to feature a picture of Angie and her in this article, but she did submit to us this picture of herself.


6. And Others

We asked these very same questions on our ShortGuyCentral social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) and received an overwhelming amount of responses. While this article could span several pages, we decided to just feature some of the other responses we received rather than spotlight many more women. Here are some of the ones which stood out. 


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Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Men: Providencia | ShortGuyCentral Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Men: Tysha | ShortGuyCentral Confessions From Everyday Women Who Date Short Men: Steph | ShortGuyCentral

More Takes On Dating Shorter Men From The Women Who Date Them


How are them apples?



While I view all of the women who participated in this piece favorably and appreciate their unfiltered sincerity, the cynical side of me can't help but be a bit skeptical about the motivation behind their dating choices. Let's be honest, even after three waves of feminism, gender norms still reign strong and as such many women are hesitant about dating shorter guys. Ignore them and seek out the ones that don't care, specifically those that never cared. Don't be anyone's guinea pig.

While the body acceptance movement has shown us that the public perception of what is beautiful can in fact change, fortunately there are women who aren't waiting around for that and recognize a good handsome man when they see one. To them, sexy is sexy, tall or short.


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