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5 Ft 6 Sadiq Kahn Is The New Mayor Of London
Accomplishments   Monday, May 09, 2016   0 Comments
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Sadiq Kahn beat the odds and was recently elected Mayor Of London. The position, created in 2000 after the London Devolution Referendum has only been occupied by two mayors thus far making Sadiq the third person to hold the office as well as the first active affiliated Muslim to be the Mayor of a major capital in a Western City.


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Kahn is the son of Pakistani immigrants and one of eight children. His late father was a bus driver for over a quarter century while his mother was a seamstress. Both moved from Pakistan to India and then to the United Kingdom. Khan hoped to become a dentist while in secondary school achieving in both Math and Science.


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Under a teacher recommendation to study law because of a ferocious personality and his affinity for the American television program L.A. Law, Khan changed course and pursued it studying law at the University of North London. During his early legal career (1994-2005) he fought discrimination cases, police corruption and human rights before joining the House Of Commons in 2005. 


Sadiq Khan Gives A Speech To University Students | ShortGuyCentral

Sadiq Khan Gives A Speech To University Students | Source: BBC


As a member of Parliament, he was elected twice with his second term beginning in 2010. He took on several positions including Minister Of State for Communities and Minister Of State for Transport. His tenure was not without controversy. Several accusations of minor corruption revolving mainly around financial reporting.


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He refused incremental pay raises stating that his constituents were dealing pay freezes thus making it inappropriate for Members Of Parliament to take raises. He was reelected to serve a third term in 2015 and is frequently ranked as one of the top 100 politicians on the London Evening Standard's poll of the 1,000 most influential Londoners.


Mayoral Candidates Zac Goldsmith & Sadiq Khan | ShortGuyCentral

Zac Goldsmith Goes Against His Rival Sadiq Khan In The Mayoral Race | Source: City AM


Sadiq ran for Mayor in early 2016 and won by a wide margin, the largest for any politician in the history of the United Kingdom. One of his campaign promises was to freeze commuter fairs for four years.


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Amidst death threats for supporting Same Sex Marriage and some fundamentalists claiming he is "no longer a Muslim" because of his stance on certain issues, Sadiq has beat the odds. In a country where 5'10 is the average male height and ridicule of short politicians is rampant, it is nice to see 5'6 Sadiq win London's top prize. 


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