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5 Foot 5 High Schooler Dunks On Two Defenders
Sports   Saturday, February 20, 2016   0 Comments
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You don't need to be above 5'11 to be a great ball player. While Muggsy Bogues, David Robinson, Spudd Webb and Earl Boykins come to mind when thinking of short basketball players who've proven themselves in the league, when surrounded by men well over seven feet tall, it's always refreshing and motivating to see shorter guys performing as well as their taller peers.


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After all, it's not as if shorter athletes aren't talented on average, but let's face it, there is a heavy prejudice against short athletes from grade school all the way into professional sports. 


Short Athletes: High School Athlete Melvin Lee Dunks At 5'5 | ShortGuyCentral

High Schooler Melvin Lee Dunks From The Free Throw Line | Source: YouTube


Thanks to Derrick Shoates, we have access to the talent that is 5'5 Melvin Lee who with ease dunked on two defenders from right in front of the free throw line. Lee attends Riverside University High School in Wisconsin.


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His opponents looked as if they were blindsided. Some commentators on social media sites expressed astonishment that averaging six inches taller, their own vertical jumps were about 6 inches, but Lee's is almost 30. You can be sure that required a lot of practice.


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Last summer we covered a story that was featured in the online magazine, The Atlantic about a man who was determined to dunk at 5'5, an adult male. The guy practice power jumps for an entire summer, did squats and spent hours in the gym. By the end of the summer, the man was able to dunk. Here we have a high school kid that can do it at 15. Muggsy and Earl, watch out. 


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