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Tall Man Takes Heightism To Task With YouTube Video
Heightism   Friday, February 19, 2016   0 Comments
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In a masterfully done video short, Aba of iProject Atlas (who I didn't know before watching this piece), exposes a double standard that plagues the dating-sphere and day-to-day interactions with the opposite sex. Tired of women comfortably asking him how tall he was and then having a cow if he asked them any of their measurements, he took his camera and crew out to the streets to ask college-aged women why height was such an important criteria for selecting a mate.


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Now, Aba is not the first to do a video uncovering what most of us short men already know, but the rest of the society ignores and deems as trivial. There have been plenty of YouTubers who have covered this topic before. Cupid Schmupid, JayLove47, Asian Boss, BrokeTheHabit and SkyJohn all come to mind and have produced videos on this topic over the last decade (yeah, that long). He's also not the first tall man to do it either. Mr. Vee and Josh Speaks are both men well over 6' who have covered women's overwhelming preference for taller men out of curiosity with well-produced clips. What does make Aba's revisit to this overdone topic unique is his use of humor via inserting foreign clips with overdubbed relevant narration, and actually making the women reflect and explain why discussing and judging women for the weight should be off-limits. Also, by him being tall, the participants are less likely to respond with a filter (as evidenced by shorter men who produced the same type of content).


Heightism & Dating: Women Respond More Honestly To Taller Men | ShortGuyCentral

Women Respond With No Filter When A Taller Man Inquires | Source: YouTube


The video opens up with Aba explaining what heightism is and thankfully, he doesn't frame it around dating. That is, heightism is discrimination period. He then reflects on how women speak negatively of shorter men around him frequently and the bigger picture - why? Following this, he points out how women go on the offensive when asked about their weight or breast size, which Aba correctly surmises is a fair equivalent of asking a man about his height.


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The women actually do get offended on camera but then after reflecting, realize that judging and immediately disqualifying a man for his height is just as trivial and nonsensical as disqualifying a woman for any other physical attribute. Aba then goes on to point out that it "makes way more sense for a man to judge a woman on her weight because her weight is a direct result of her day to day decisions, and that a man's height is determined at birth".


Oldie But Goodie. Sky John Let's Woman Know She Limits Her Own Dating Pool | Source: YouTube


The video when posted to some social media sites quickly exploded with commentary and many positive reviews. As a result, Aba is working on a Part 2 to the video and is asking people for input. Support him by contacting him at his YouTube channel. Way to go Aba!


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