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Kanye West: Short Guy With A Short Fuse?
Entertainment   Wednesday, January 27, 2016   0 Comments
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Kanye West had an amazing Wednesday on Twitter after believing that fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa put his wife's initials on his Twitter account. The suspicion caused "Yeezy" to fire back at Khalifa with almost two dozen insulting tweets. He since deleted those tweets after Khalifa revealed that the "Double K" actually referred to his favorite drug, Mary Jane (Ever heard of that nickname before? Because we haven't). 


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The blaze wasn't put out immediately though, not before his ex-squeeze model Amber Rose got into the mix. Rose also happens to be Khalifa's ex-wife. To be honest, West had it coming by bringing up their baby in his status update comebacks. West said over two tweets to Khalifa that a "stripper trapped him with a kid", and that he's mad that every time he looks at his kid, he'll be reminded that he's trapped for 18 years". Strong stuff.


Kanye West Goes After Wiz Khalifa | ShortGuyCentral

Kanye Goes On The Offensive | Source: Twitter (Deleted)


Things got intense when Rose let the whole world know that when the two were intimate, she put her fingers where the sun don't shine. After deleting his tweets which disparaged 6'4 Wiz, Rose broadcasted the following,  "Now u wanna delete ur tweets cause muva arrived?". While it can't be said that the 5'7 rapper deleted his tweets because of Rose's response or because he had a change of heart, the statement by the stripper/model is now on the record.


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As you can imagine, social media is blowing up with memes and gifs making fun of Kanye with comments such as "well there goes your chances at a presidency" and "you may have deleted your tweets, but there will always be screenshots". On the other hand, #TeamKanye insist that West is King and that his slanderous tirade ruined careers. 


Amber Rose Goes On Defense | ShortGuyCentral

Amber Rose Let Kanye Have It | Source: Twitter


Let's see if our guy Kanye will interrupt another awards show and put out some more killer albums. Will you listen to his music in the same way? One thing is certain though, Kanye has had the pleasure of dating some of the sexiest women alive. Kanye is one short man with a huge amount of talent with an ego to match.


Famous Short Men: Kanye Talks To The World On Twitter | ShortGuyCentral

That-A-Boy Kanye! | Source: Twitter


Despite his occasional outbursts and tirades, Kanye is comfortable with who he is and who he isn't. Whether he is talented or not is debatable and subjective, but his decade-plus record as a formidable producer and artist cannot be questioned. In a follow up tweet, Kanye let the world know that he has what matters. The same tweet does also illustrate however that the pressure to be what society wants is there, even if you have fame and that body image issues do not only affect the fairer gender. 


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